Revenue Intelligence for Smart Businesses
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Custom Tools
Business Reporting and KPIs
All the critical business metrics you should be tracking at one place along with daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports with detailed analyses on how your business is performing.
Insights Feed
Don't shift your focus away from your core business to understand complex data. Easily access a feed of actionable intellignece personalized for you.
Easy Slice n Dice
Don’t limit your analysis to knowing high level numbers. Easily dive deep across different dimensions to know which plans are performing better or who your top paying customers are.
Customer Segmentation
Group your customers and analyze how each of the groups compare. Know your high value customers, high risk customers, top performers, low churners etc.
Customer Profiles
See all the critical information related to your customer such as purchase history, lifetime value, failed transactions etc. at one place. Provide better support or reach out proactively.
Know your Metrics
No more wrangling with spreadsheets to get your metrics. Compute all your critical business KPIs with a single click.
Understand your Customers
Use your payment data to know your customers better. Group customers and identify your top performing ones to direct your efforts to get more like them.
Grow your Revenues
Spot high risk customers early. Identify right customers to up-sell. An apt action at right time will accelerate your growth rapidly.